Feed My School for a Week

Feed My School is a collaboration between the Georgia Department of Agriculture and School Nutrition. Richmond County Nutrition Services was selected to be one of the counties participating in the state. Last academic year this event was held at Hains Elementary School.

This year Feed My School will be held at Monte Sano Elementary from October 2-5th (Friday the 6th is a student holiday). School Nutrition provides a completely different lunch menu for this school compared to the rest of the county for this week. 80-100% of the products are Georgia Grown or locally grown/raised for lunch.

The purpose is to introduce agriculture education and exposure to the students all week in the classroom and especially in the cafeteria.

*Kick-Off Rally

Mini Burger Platter (Samples Foods; GA)
Honey, Pear Melt (Allison's Honey & Derst Bakery; GA)
Sweet Potatoes (Scott Farms; NC)
Autumn Salad (Mercier Orchards; GA)
Granny Smith Apple Slices (Nix Farms; NC)
Blueberry Juice (Regenerate; GA)
Georgia Grown Peach Shortcake (Jaemor Farms; GA)

*Breakfast for Lunch & Classroom Agriculture

Southern Chicken Biscuit (Dutch House Bakery & Samples Foods; GA)
Berry Smoothie & Granola Bar (Atlanta Fresh Creamery & Dutch House Bakery; GA)
Hash Browns (Royal Food Service)
Monte Sano House Salad (Aquaponic Lettuce; Sardis, GA)
Orange Slices (Royal Food Service)
Blueberry Juice (Regenerate; GA)
Taste Testing: Apple Chips & Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

*Farmer Field Day

Country Fried Steak & Baked Roll (The Dutch House & Samples Foods; GA)
Loaded Chicken Fajitas (Samples Foods & Southern Valley; GA)
w/fresh Pico de Gallo (Flavor 1st; NC)
Southern Style Peas (Calhoun Produce; GA)
Peach Delight (Jaemor Farms; GA)
Blueberry Juice (Regenerate; GA)
Fudge Cookies (Back to Basics 101; GA)

*Parents/Caregivers' Day

Homestyle Shrimp & Grits (Sills Milling; GA)
Cheeseburger (Samples Foods & Derst Bakery; GA)
Garden Salad (Aquaponic Lettuce, Sardis, GA)
Baked Zucchini (Southern Valley; GA)
Gala Apple Slices (Mercier Orchards; GA)
Blueberry Juice (Regenerate; GA)