CEP Program

Mission, Vision, and Beliefs


Building a world-class school system through education, collaboration, and innovation.


The Richmond County School System (RCSS) will create a world-class, globally competitive school system where all students will graduate and are college/career ready.


  • Every person has a right to a quality education.
  • Education is the shared responsibility of the individual, home, school, and community.
  • Every person can learn.
  • Respect and acceptance are essential for learning and personal development.
  • A safe, healthy, and orderly environment is essential to learning.
  • Communication is the key to understanding among people.

Purpose and Role of School Nutrition Department

Providing healthy meals and nutrition education to the students of Richmond County School System.

Department Plan

Nutrition Services Department Manual

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Nutrition Services Department Improvement Plan

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Organizational Structure

RCSS Organizational Structure
School Nutrition Organizational Structure

Federal and State Regulations Governing School Nutrition Department