Richmond County Nutrition Services Program believes it is important to make an impact in shaping students to live healthier and longer lives through the proper diet and physical activity. We understand and recognize the role school nutrition can play in changing how students view nutrition and how it helps transform them physically and mentally. By turning our cafeterias into “learning laboratories” and expanding school gardens, students will learn substantially with these hands-on activities. They are learning lifelong lessons regarding sustainability, living green, reducing carbon footprints, healthier menu options, recipe development, plant cycles and so much more. Our hope is that the students take back the valuable information and lessons learned and share the knowledge with their parents. Plant a garden at home or in the community, or better yet, create a new recipe for their family using fresh fruits and veggies.

Adequate and good nutrition is vital in the proper development and growth of each Richmond County student. We truly want our students to be fueled4focus! Nutrition Services strives to meet these needs by providing meals composed of quality, nutritious foods with a delicious variety of menu options.

Elementary Nutrient Analysis

Elementary Nutrient Analysis

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Middle & High Nutrient Analysis

Middle & High Nutrient Analysis

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Well Balanced Meals

A well balanced diet incorporates a variety of food groups, including: vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy, and protein. These diverse foods supply the body with an array of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that our students need to lead healthy lives with well fueled bodies.

vegetables and fruits

Provide a variety of vitamins and minerals that the body uses daily to support proper function and development. Additionally, these foods supply water and fiber that help to increase satiety and encourage normal gastrointestinal function.


Supply the body with energy. Fiber from complex and whole grain carbohydrates helps to ensure satiety and encourage normal gastrointestinal function.


Foods supply nutrients that help the body build tissues and muscle. Protein also plays an important role in proper enzyme and hormone development.


Foods contain vitamin D. This important vitamin helps maintain phosphorous and calcium within the body, encouraging bone strength.