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A toast to milk

If you take a look at our menus – and I hope you do – you will notice that we make milk available at every meal.

There have actually been federal school milk programs since 1940. Today, the USDA includes milk as a required lunch meal component for grades K-12. Options include fat-free or low-fat milk (including chocolate milk).

On September 27, we join in celebrating World School Milk Day. This is 18th annual celebration. It is sponsored by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. Milk moustaches and cow masks pop up on students in more than 40 countries. Schools are encouraged to make posters, provide samples of milk-based treats, and share the nutritional benefits of milk as part of a healthy diet.

Our district tries to make World School Milk Day fun and educational for families. In fact, last year’s events were a big public relations success for our schools and our nutrition program.

In 2016, we photographed every elementary school student with a milk moustache. Photos drove 70,000 visits to the school system’s Facebook page. Some shots were retweeted by the official “Got Milk?” Twitter page.

Participating in World School Milk Day is only one of the ways we sneak a little nutritional knowledge into the daily lives of students. In another event, we will be welcoming local growers to visit and share information about seasonal produce as part of a Farm to Schools program that encourages kids to add a variety of fruits and vegetables to their daily diet.

Every little bit (bite) counts!

Richmond County Nutrition Services

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