Happy Farm to School Month!

If your child has a newfound love of baked zucchini, thank a farmer. Our district is among those across the country bringing local growers to visit and educate students about fresh produce. About 42% of U.S. schools participate in the national Farm to School program. I’m very proud of the fact that the Richmond County School District has been honored […]

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A toast to milk

If you take a look at our menus – and I hope you do – you will notice that we make milk available at every meal. There have actually been federal school milk programs since 1940. Today, the USDA includes milk as a required lunch meal component for grades K-12. Options include fat-free or low-fat milk (including chocolate milk). On […]

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Courtesy is on the house

“The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any.” – Fred Astaire I wonder what Fred would think now? We want our children to be courteous. We try to prepare them to make their way through the world with confidence and social grace. As parents, you teach good manners at home. At our schools, we are […]

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Is school food good food?

Many of you have probably heard the folk tale of Nail Soup. In the story, a clever traveler puts a nail into boiling water. He then tricks townsfolk to add their vegetables, meat, and seasonings to his “nail soup” and it becomes a meal fit for royalty. I’ve found some people imagine a school menu comes together something like that. […]

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