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National School Lunch Week

Happy National School Lunch Week!

“School Lunch Snapshot” is the theme of this year’s National School Lunch Week (October 12 – 16). The National School Lunch Program dates back to 1946, when it was introduced to ensure children receive a low-cost or free nutritionally balanced lunch at school.

I’ll celebrate this special week for school nutrition by sharing our own “snapshot” that will give you the big picture on the scope of our district’s school nutrition services.

Our 400 employees serve:

  • 4 magnet schools
  • 8 high schools
  • 10 middle schools
  • 36 elementary schools
  • 23,000 students, fed twice a day
  • 48,641 families in the county

100% of are students are eligible for a federally funded program that enables students to eat free breakfast and lunch at school.

Richmond County Nutrition Services

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